Repeat steps — Lore Smolders

wed 09.05 - thu 09.08.2018

City Hall Gent - Hoogpoort

Repeat steps — Lore Smolders

Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Wissant, Gent. My non-stop observations involve instructions I cross. This results in a growing visual archive of street communication. I see an extended finger pointing, a dotted line not allowing, bushes as imaginary walls and do not know the unwritten rules. I see instructions as hidden standards in public space. I search traces of this space which is universal, invisibly or repeatedly controlled. Somewhere between sign, drawing and language.


Lore Smolders (°1987)
Working and living in Gent
Graduated from LUCA School of Arts Gent
Member of Zwart Wild

09.05 14:00 > 09.08.2018
Hoogpoort Ghent