The Laius complex \ The son that was most like him

fri 25.10 - sun 03.11.2019

BLANCO - Coupure Rechts 308 - 9000 Ghent

2 series, 1 theme.
The Laius complex \ The son that was most like him

The Laius complex - Meindert Peirens

Meindert Peirens (born 1986) is a Belgian photographer, based in Ghent. An autodidact through and through, Peirens is fascinated by the many manual techniques the analogue art offers, and explores their possibilities. For Peirens it is the process of making, that turns the object of the photograph into an object of art. To slow down in our hectic times, where a lot can be achieved by means of pushing a button, is seen as a craft in itself. But the core of his curiosity remains the human being especially in relation to it's surroundings. He has a strong sense for drawing links between the exterior attributes of space such as architecture, social structures, landscape and the innermost -emotions- of the people who inhabit it.

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The Son That Was Most Like Him - María G. Azcárate

We are humans. We all have the desire of understanding who we are and why we are here. This is an ongoing (coming of age) story about two people. In the story, an adult takes the hand of a teenager, observes him while fighting a mid-life crisis. His future persona driving him to what he’s going to become.

María G. de Azcárate (°1987 Almería, Spain) Obtained a HNC in Artistic Photography in Spain, as well as a diploma in Contemporary Photography from Node Center. Additionally, she specialised in artistic project creation and creative techniques for analogue lab. She’s currently residing in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
Her experience in the Netherlands has influenced her personal and creative view. Quiet and full of contrast, her pictures confront us with the complexity of the struggle for emancipation, overshadowed by loneliness and our desire for the other. Throughout her photography she expresses her fascination for the abstract concept of difference, which she tries to overthrow. Without any artificial feel to the imagery she clashes female and male, childhood and adolescence, private and public, leaves and concrete. Easily moving between authentic documentary and surreal scenography, all her images speak a whimsical and alluring language that radically exposes the vulnerability and the strangeness of the everyday.

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