TTL Elien Ronse - walk walk walk #2 - Night of the Melodi lamp

sat 19.10.2019

City Hall Gent - Hoogpoort

Come, look around, search for, spot and photograph àll MELODI lamps in Ghent during this walk walk walk #2. Until now artist Elien Ronse collected 242 photos from the widespread MELODI lamp in the city. Tonight we come together to find even more. We meet at sunset (6.43PM) at the city hall (side from Hoogpoortstraat). After an introduction into the lamp by Elien, we discuss tactics and strategies to cover all areas and then go find as many MELODI’s as possible. With a focus on MELODI’s you discover another city and become a professional MELODI-searcher within some hours.

This walk walk walk #2 is part of the artwork “Have you spotted a MELODI lamp? Send a photo and streetname to +32496890681”, which is ongoing on view in the old announcement-cases from the city hall in Hoogpoort.

Inscribe through the website:
Price: 10 euros or an IKEA-object you aren't using anymore.
Bring your camera