Is it Eurus or Zephyrus?

fri 17 - sun 19.03.2023

BLANCO - Coupure Rechts 308 - 9000 Ghent

Homa Arkani & Sam Eggermont

Is it Eurus or Zephyrus?

refers to the wind of culture and history which serves as a metaphor for the way cultural and historical elements shape and influence the world.

In this exhibition, Homa Arkani integrates the works of two of her heroes, the 16th-century Bruegel and the 13th-century Rumi,the poet, using humor, proverbs, and grotesque imagination. Her works focus on the human experience and address socio-cultural concerns, inspired by the recent protests in Iran.

Sam Eggermont has moved away from a critical self and seeks to integrate multiple elements, originally from the Middle East, towards a script. The work, he called them letters, are a mixture of cultural and historical elements, layered together as if time were an artificial layer. He would like to dedicate this show in honor of Zvi Goldstein.
17 > 19/03/2023
Opening 17/03 | 18u
Open: 18 & 19/03 | 11u > 18u