Visite #5 — Barbara Mydlak

Under the title of "visite," we send ou photographer Yuri Andries to take a series of portraits of artists in their work environment / atelier.

Visite #5 — Barbara Mydlak
febr 2023

(...) It is also a practical world, where everything has its place, size and shape, it is tailored, cut out, planned.
Opposing the “limitation”, I combine fragments to build a whole new piece.
 It is also my individual path, my own way of rebuilding reality from scattered fragments. I’ve found a space for myself in this inaccessible paradise. From those fragments I’ve created a new being, a being that reflects my state of mind.
 A being I can take with me back to my world. And remember. 

Barbara Mydlak 

My studio in Ghent is a new place for me. 
Ghent and Belgium are new places for me. 
My new home.