sun 07 - mon 29.08.2016

DOK Ghent

In the course of the new season at DOK, BLANCO will provide three windows at DOK as a canvas for a different artist every month. BLANCO provides a view of the work of NUCLEO’s resident artists, offering room for experimentation, reflection and presentation.

August 2016: Linda Carrara (IT) — “FALSE CARRARA MARBLE” 

Linda Carrara's paintings are made of simple shapes and structures: a representation of objects that mainly emphasizes spatial dimensions, volumes and lines. Interaction between these objects appears to be sensitive, different from their own inherent constitution or appearance. Her main interest is not the object as a material thing, but the object as a tight space, connected to other, related objects.

Trying to understand where still life comes from, looking at the history of art  there appears to be a clear link link with decoration in the Domus or the Hellenic temple, the church and the private house, false marble, false perspectives, trompe l’oeil and marquetry. Carrara started to analyze the object as idea and the material as object, in order to discover a new point of view on still life representation.


Road Split Koopvaardijlaan – Afrikalaan
9000 Ghent


Foto: Michiel Devijver

Foto: Michiel Devijver