Bouquet — Chris Goennawein

do 01 - vr 09.06.2017

BLANCO - Coupure Rechts 308 - 9000 Gent

“Every process that is not automatically, must be the product of

The work of the artists Chris Goennawein is implied by a conceptual superstructure. Influenced by philosophy and references to the general theory of recognition, the works play with conventions of painting and sculpture.


Chris Goennawein, born 1979 in Heidelberg is a german conceptual artist. He created the terminology of “Formverstand”, that is based on Hemingways "Iceberg theory" and the idea of a conceptual artist as an mystic not an rationalist. In his studio, that he calls Hotel Mayonnaise he works mostly in the field of painting and sculpture. Since 2005 he also publishes Parabol Art Magazine in Vienna, a magazine that functions as a two dimensional exhibition space.

01.06.17, 6 — 10.30 pm

06. — 08.06.17, 6 — 9 pm

09.06.17, 6 — 10 pm