I could have been a dancer

vr 27.10 - za 04.11.2017

BLANCO - Coupure Rechts 308 - 9000 Gent

Sarah Desmet - Rachel Gruijters - Marijs Kempynck - Aay Liparoto - Jolien Naeyaert - Elies Van Renterghem - Atelier Stephane Vervaeke

OPENING fri 27/10 — 19:00


sat 28/10 — 14h > 18h
sun 29/10 — 14h > 18h
fri 03/11 — 17h > 19h
sat 04/11 — 14h > 18h

on appointment


I could have been a dancer, but I am not. Still, I choreograph the world’s ways and my scattered thoughts into sharp or tender movements, composing a dance of bits. And like a dancer attempts to fly, so do we; jumping, turning and a staged fall.

So here we are, an ensemble of seven sisters, with each our own movements, expressions and views. One stands upside down, another runs into the crowd, we pivot in each other’s arms, lift our sisters up high. Sometimes we move in sync, sometimes we break out in a solo. A pirouette here, a leg up there. We beam. We look into the crowd melancholily. We trip, but do so gracefully,, making it part of the act.

Our breath and heart amplifies and sweat runs over our skin. A beat / a break/ and here we go again; a heightened state of being in a world that crumbles.

I could have been a dancer, and actually, I think I am.