Live (Widescreen) — Thomas Kuijpers

ma 13.08 - di 13.11.2018

Stadhuis Gent - Hoogpoort

BLANCO blaast oude mededelingskasten nieuw leven in aan de zijgevel van het stadhuis van Gent. Om de 3 maand formuleert een andere kunstenaar er een boodschap of visuele mededeling aan de bevolking.


Live (Widescreen) — Thomas Kuijpers

Thomas Kuijpers is a visual artist whose work explores the role of contemporary medianarratives within our perception of the actual world. He tries to rethink the way representations of current happenings are communicated to us. The observable friction between this conveyed version of reality and the place it occupies in daily life is the most important starting point.


Thomas Kuijpers, born in 1985, grew up in Aarle-Rixtel (NL) and lives now in Ghent (BE). He studied photography at AKV St. Joost in Breda (NL), where he graduated as MFA in 2011.

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Zijgevel Stadhuis- Hoogpoort Gent

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