Glassworks — Eline Vansteenkiste

di 13.11.2018 - wo 13.02.2019

Stadhuis Gent - Hoogpoort

BLANCO blaast oude mededelingskasten nieuw leven in aan de zijgevel van het stadhuis van Gent. Om de 3 maand formuleert een andere kunstenaar er een boodschap of visuele mededeling aan de bevolking.


Glassworks — Eline Vansteenkiste

series of drawings 2018
acryl and pencil on paper

Inspired by the glasswork of the Sint-Niklaaskerk in Ghent.
I wanted to create a glasswork for the display cases of the Hoogpoort. The result is a series of drawings that form the future design for the glasswork of the display cases.


In the work that Eline Vansteenkiste (°1991) develops, is trying to find a connection with the other a crucial factor, therefore she creates a language of form and color - to build a space to speak. In 2014 she completed a master program in Interior Architecture at KULEUVEN faculty of Architecture campus Sint-Lucas Ghent. Thereafter she started a master program in Fine Arts at LUCA School of Art which she finished in 2017.


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