Naomi Kerkhove invites

vr 26 - zo 28.04.2019

BLANCO - Coupure Rechts 308 - 9000 Gent

Naomi Kerkhove

Veerle Michiels
Eva Vermeiren
Heleen Van Haegenborgh
Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Pieter De Clercq
SO Oosterlynck
Reinout Hiel
Dirk Kerkhove
Inge Kerfs
Louisa Vanderhaegen
Coralie Laudelout
Femke Platteau
Sarah Geirnaert
Maïté Baillieul
Hilde Van Wambeke
Roberto Gasparini
Jonas Vansteenkiste
Tiny Coopman
Veerle Gevaert
Gosie Vervloessem

Where would you take me? What would we do?

Invitation to exhibit a work that can be an answer to the following question:

Due to my illness I have rarely been away (outside my house) the last year.
Only the memories brought me to the most finest spots.
From this point of view (that of an artist being ill) I want to ask you where you would take me (a imaginary place) if money and pain were no obstacles.

Would you get to relive memories? Or would we go to a place where you haven't been to ?
What should we do then? Could you draw a line and create the spot?

The work can be a place / a non existent memory


26/4/2019 - 18u...vernissage
27/4/2019 - 14u until 19u
28/4/2019 - 14u until 19u