The Powerade Series — Felix Fasolt

vr 29.11.2019

BLANCO - Coupure Rechts 308 - 9000 Gent

orange - mountain berry blast

6pm - 22pm


In my work, I seek for power-driven narratives - as an organizational structure - that carry a duality within them, that embody a margin, a residual zone, a void. Fractured by abstractions and norms, rules and regulations, power-driven codes limit, if not violently define, how I comfortably find a home in the world. But, at the same time, norms and abstractions compel me to dwell in a shimmering border zone between the real and the desired. However uncomfortable this limbo position is at times, I believe that this border zone implies a state of potentiality; where constant change has its domain, and where one should reside as an interlocutor.
I intend to articulate the deep impact these stories have on land, body, and community by injecting matter or physical substance in these power-driven narratives. Just like any other protagonist matter has specific behavioral characteristics, with its object of desire and its inner conflicts. Once this new protagonist is added new associations arrise; I seek a symbolic alliance between matter and meaning, I want to give rise to a place with constant osmosis between matter and meaning.

Felix Fasolt, transcription of a conversation with Romola M. , Brussel, 2018