Parsifal — Evert Debusschere

wo 20.05.2020 - zo 20.06.2021

ICC Gent, Citadelpark

BLANCO geeft wisselend en op onregelmatige basis een muur aan ICC Gent, aan de rand van het citadelpark, als canvas aan een andere kunstenaar.


'Parsifal' — Evert Debusschere (1996)

Met de steun van Gent ICC en Stad Gent.

Evert Debusschere is a young artist, he has been involved in making art since childhood. Going to drawing classes during primairy school and from the 3th secundairy school he followed visual arts in Art & Creation at VTI-Kortijk. He also finished the Master at Luca Arts in Ghent. As a child he started to collect documentation and imitate his interests such as the modern life , trains, vehicles, cityscapes and history aswell as fantasy. And was inspired by artists as Hundertwasser, Miro, Picasso and Van Gogh. Evert is very interested in the versatility of nature. Through media as watercolor and oil painting he explores the vast range of visual and technical posibilities. He finds inspiration in Chinese landscape painting, impressionism, fauvism, cubism, Russian analytical realism and futurism.
In fact, Evert is a conceptual artist that physically studies all painting styles from the start of modernism.

Wellknown is that he paints his landscapes, completely from start to finish, on the sites. [BruthausGallery]


ICC Gent: