Visite #1 — Lysandre Begijn


Onder de noemer 'visite' sturen we fotograaf Yuri Andries in 2021 op pad om een reeks portretten te maken van kunstenaars in hun werkomgeving/atelier. 

Visite #1 — Lysandre Begijn,
januari 2021


Begijn’ masks depicting sad, sometimes melancholic or blasé faces, are carefully arranged into tableaus with textiles, ropes and other objects. Resembling shrines or altars, these installations reference archaic religious practice, the universal need for spiritual meaning and protection. Both sacred and banal, Begijn’s work can also be read as a comment on the fetishization of objects in contemporary consumer culture.

the expressive use of color and the obsessive repetition of shapes and patterns exude a meditative quality that directly impacts the viewer. — Diana Weis