Licking Blackberry Jam From Your Front Teeth

do 05 - za 14.01.2023

BLANCO - Coupure Rechts 308 - 9000 Gent

We’ve been talking about murras-moras-blackberries-braambes-mûres / we’ve been talking about how blackberries are European and were transplanted to America and Asia / we’ve been talking about lim- its-borders-gaps / about how after its arrival to the Americas, the plant became ferocious and began to act as an endemic species / we’ve been talking about its deep dark color / stains / a cluster of nodes, a single but divisible whole: Units that meet, that touch and rub against each other / we’ve been talking about adapting, traversing and sharing a piece of bread with blackberry marmalade with family and friends.


Licking Blackberry Jam From Your Front Teeth is a collective exhibition to be exhibited at BLANCO, Ghent during the beginning of January 2023. The show started as a collaboration between Fabiola Burgos Labra, Paz Ortúzar and Yue Yuan, who decided to approach other artists and start an open dialogue with either one of them.

The exhibition is based on the idea of the blackberry species as an invader, the blackberry plant as a property boundary, and the blackberry fruit as a familiar ingredient in the breakfast table. Blackberries inhabit our collective memories as uninvited guests staying for long enough to be welcomed and even missed after we have left.

The title of the show implies a moment of intimacy; of sharing food and sitting close enough to notice someone’s stained front teeth. In an effort to replicate the blackberry sprouting method, the curator- ship of the project is not centrally arranged but rather based on a propagative system: Some of the participating artists guide the development or choose the works of other artists who are also part of the exhibition. The objective is to enable a flexible structure of proximity and conversations between the different participants.
Some conversations embody the pieces themselves; others talk to the space. Some of these dialogues are between close friends; others between collectives. Every conversation will inhabit the space forming a bigger exchange of words, images, actions, and tastes. A murmur of single voices sharing one body.


Marlene Elgueta, Iván Krassoievitch, Alejandra López & Lena Longefay, Daniel Mullen, José Pedro Godoy, Ricardo Alcaide, Felipe Muhr, SAPLAB, Jorge Tacla, Felipe Mujica, Yue Yuan, Fabiola Burgos

Opening: January 5th at 18:00, 2023
Open on Friday 6th, Saturday 7th, Wednesday 11th,
Thursday 12th & Friday 13th between 14u and 18u.
Finissage: January 14th at 18:00, 2023.

During the finissage there will be a joint performance by SAPLAB + Alejandra López & Lena Longefay where spoken words and food will be shared.