Hljóð, n. sound; silence - Hallveig Ágústsdóttir

vr 13 - zo 15.05.2016

BLANCO - Coupure Rechts 308 - 9000 Gent

Interacting with music, sounds and noises in her visual art, over the years Hallveig Ágústsdóttir has explored a range of different mediums, such as painting, drawing, video, photography and performance art, as well as creating her own musical compositions. During her show at BLANCO Hallveig will be presenting some of her latest works.

And, as Hallveig’s guest, in the show will be a selection of visual works by the London based musician and artist Anton Lukoszevieze.


Friday 13 till Sunday 15 May
vernissage 13 may 18.00 – 21.00
14 – 15 may 14.00 – 18.00