In November 2015 NUCLEO concluded a contract with the Community Education to have one wing of the former Veterinary School under her management.

After a renovation period of 3 months, the first artists moved in in February 2016. There are 17 studios, 1 shared studio (VLOER 0), 10 storages and the BLANCO-space.

Photos: Eveliene Deraedt


Coupure Rechts 308, 9000 Gent - België


Under NUCLEO management: 1 november 2015
Renovation by: NUCLEO vzw
Period of renovation: 2 months
Former function: school

Currently occupied by:

Leyla Aydoslu, Carlos Caballero, Willem Cole, Mario De Brabandere, Eddy De Buf, Abdul-Vahit Duman, Sam Eggermont, Samira El Khadraoui, Naomi Kerkhove, Chiara Lammens, Klaas Op De Beeck, Louisa Roels, Juanan Soria , Lou Terryn, VLOER 0, Sofie Van Aelbroeck, Hilde Van Wambeke

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