Begga Convent

The Begga Convent is since 2001 the very first building under the management of NUCLEO.

The building is located in the O.L.V. Ter Hoyen Begijnhof, behind the Infirmerie. There are 14 studios and 5 storages in the Begga Convent.

On 24 November 2021 there was a big fire in the building. Fortunately nobody got hurt, but it meant the abrupt ending for the studios of NUCLEO.

After this, 74 colleague-artists offered a work of art for the 'Beggabenefiet' in supporting the 15 artisted impacted by the fire.

photos - Eveliene Deraedt


Lange Violettestraat 239, 9000 Gent - België


Under NUCLEO management: sinds 2001
Renovation by: NUCLEO vzw
Period of renovation: 4 months
Former function: school

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