Block E of the Leopold Casern

Block E of the Leopold Casern was taken into use in June 2006 by NUCLEO.

Block E of the Leopold Casern was granted by the municipality of Ghent to NUCLEO and vzw Repetitieruimtes. 13 studios for artists and 4 rehearsal spaces for musicians were established. Since 2009 Democrazy manages the rehearsal rooms in the building.

After the acquisition and reallocation plans by the Province municipality, NUCLEO and Democrazy left the building end of December 2018. They did that with a party: AFZWAAI.

Photos: Eveliene Deraedt




Kattenberg 4, 9000 Gent - België


Under NUCLEO management: sinds juli 2004
Renovation by: NUCLEO vzw / OTC / vzw Atoomproef
Period of renovation: until May 2006
Former function: casern

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