Gustaaf Callierschool

Van december 2005 tot april 2010 werd de Gustaaf Callierschool gebruik genomen.

This is the latest building to come under the management of NUCLEO vzw. It is available for use for a minimum period of 2 years. It is the property of the city of Ghent. A part of it has been allocated to NUCLEO vzw by Rudy Coddens the municipal councillor for education. NUCLEO vzw is the main user of the building and plans to develop 10 studios. The other users are from the social sector and the theatre world. NUCLEO vzw has been appointed by the municipality as coordinator for internal communication between the users, maintenance, etc.

This school represents the second building for the cooperative project with the OTC. At this location NUCLEO vzw is placing the emphasis on social-artistic projects for the visual arts sector.


Sint-Bernadettestraat 258, 9000 Gent - België


Under NUCLEO management: november 2005 - april 2010
Renovation by: NUCLEO vzw / OTC
Former function: primary school

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