SUPPORT STUDIO is looking for art practitioners and art professionals who want to enter into a joint commitment to shape its new program.

This self-managing structure is supported by the studio organisation NUCLEO. 

SUPPORT STUDIO is looking for new faces to strengthen the team! All art practitioners, Art professionals and students are welcome to join this self-managing project supported by the studio-organisation NUCLEO.


SUPPORT STUDIO is a collaborative project by and for artists, curators, writers and all other people active within the Ghent cultural sector. We are focused on creating a platform for developing our practices and building a network whilst sharing the process with all interested individuals. We organize get-togethers, events, readings, talks and much more as a way of discovering how to navigate the contemporary cultural sector in and around Ghent.

We are based out of a shared NUCLEO studio space where we get together for meetings and events, but also have the space to work on our practices privately. SUPPORT STUDIO was born withing this space and is financially supported by NUCLEO to develop our program of activities.



Everyone active within or interested in the Ghent contemporary cultural sphere of all ages is welcome to apply to this open call. Anyone looking for collectivity within their practice, recently graduated and feeling lost or simply wanting to develop cultural events might find a home within SUPPORT STUDIO.




  • A stimulating and open atmosphere to develop a collective, personal and organizational practice
  • New connections with other artists and professionals
  • Access to our shared budget to develop events and to make your event ideas a reality
  • A personal or shared studio space to work on your own practice.




We are a collective project based on mutual trust, dependency and equality. Everything is open-ended and is negotiable. We do not believe SUPPORT STUDIO should feel like a job or obligation, it should always be a willing and voluntary commitment of all participants. All forms of hierarchy are avoided within our project. Nothing is set in stone and we are understanding of individual needs and obligations.

  • We have a meeting every two weeks where we expect participants to attend and help develop our program.
  • Active involvement with the development and organization of events, whether it be a small task like going shopping before the event or a large task like planning and communicating the activities.
  • Collaboration and working together with our other members when necessary
  • Help build a supporting, creative, positive and fulfilling work-space
  • If you join and use a physical studio that we offer, we ask that you treat it with respect and care and that you would communicate anything the others might want to discuss and consent to first. Consensus is key!
  • Be respectful towards the other members and if relevant, respect their individual work-space and practice
  • Discover your own role or ideas within the project
  • Be willing to be a part of this project



We are organising an infomoment to introduce interested individuals to our studio space, explain all the fine details and answer any questions you might have. So feel free to come visit us on thursday 29th of June at 8pm at the Vynckier site, Nieuwevaart 51, Ghent or send us an email to or a DM on instagram @support__studio