Fabian Hesse in residency at NUCLEO

photo: Fabian Hesse

thu 29.11 - tue 04.12.2012

Lindenlei 38, Gent

Fabian Hesse
a||”blur”==e “focus”==a)d=!0

Since 2012, NUCLEO operates at an international level in the form of exchange programs. Our first partner is visual art organization PLATFORM3 from Munich. In the winter of 2011, NUCLEO artist Juan Duque was their guest. In turn NUCLEO is receiving Fabian Hesse since September untill the end of November. The results of his residency will be made public in the exposition "a||”blur”==e “focus”==a)d=!0" during Museumnight and Ghent Artweek from 29/11 untill 4/12 in the Lindenlei at the former 'Bibliothèque'. 

A publication about the residency with Fabian Hesse will be released early 2013. 

Opening: thursday 29.11.2012, 18 - 01 h
Exhibition: friday, saturday, monday, tuesday 13 - 17h + sunday Gent matinée 11 - 18h
Location:  former Bibliothèque, Lindenlei 38, 9000 Ghent