Open Ateliers #15 - verslag

sun 15.05.2022

Blik terug op Open Ateliers #15 dankzij het fotoverslag van Charlotte Daniëlse, Rebecca De Cavel & Eveliene Deraedt.

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SOLO summer residency was a temporary residency programme in the former Maria Chapel, next to the Roger Raveel Museum in Machelen-aan-de-Leie. It was a collaboration between studio organizations NUCLEO Ghent, Studio Start form Antwerp, Vonk from Hasselt and Cas-Co from Leuven. In the summers of 2017 and 2018, six artists worked in the chapel.

BLANCO is the name under which the Ghent studio organisation NUCLEO is developing its showcase activities. BLANCO provides a view of the work of NUCLEO’s resident artists, offering room for experimentation, reflection and presentation.

BLANCO opened a research and presentation venue in one of NUCLEO’s studio buildings in March 2015, and is also taking a number of projects outside its own buildings. In this way the organization stimulates its artists to use their work to enter into dialogue with the world beyond the studio.

Artists’ studios are rarely accessible to the general public, but a visit to a studio gives art-lovers the opportunity to look at things through the artist’s eyes. This event creates the potential for chance encounters where there is room for experiment and where the main purpose is spontaneous interaction with the visitors.
NUCLEO has made a tradition of Open Studios since it was set up.

NUCLEO intends to extend its supporting role in the area of artistic development and reflection, the building of an artistic network and offering opportunities for presentation.

The artists taking part in the Open Studios do not get the chance to visit each other’s studios at that time. In many cases they also work at different times, so they only meet each other sporadically. NUCLEO pure NUCLEO is a small-scale internal event in each separate building: the artists open their studios to the other resident artists. In this way we give them the chance to get to know each other and each other’s work better.

NUCLEO offers its resident artists the opportunity to build up an artistic network in the form of Open Studios, exhibitions and internal encounters. By expanding the international programme we offer them the chance to explore the international art world.

Since 2004 we have been carrying on an ongoing enquiry among visual artists regarding their need for workspace.
NUCLEO assembled an inventory of exhibition venues in Ghent.
In 2013 we did a thorough survey of the resident artists regarding our work. Using a carefully compiled questionnaire and a series of in-depth interviews, we wanted to find out in which ways our operations do or do not meet real needs, and how things could be done better. An analysis of these results helps us to meet the artists’ needs in their artistic practice even better

In 2011 a few players in Ghent's cultural sector underwrote the declaration of commitment drawn up by Greentrack, the transitional netwerk for the arts in Ghent.

NUCLEO signed in 2012 the Greentrack charter. Through collaboriation and exchange of expertise the ecological footprint of the cultural sector is being reduced. This fits in the climate alliance of the City of Ghent to make Ghent climate neutral until 2050. Greentrack Ghent wants to be the motor of a sustainable cultural sector and maintain a long term project for a social and ecological sustainable future.

NUCLEO makes its offices available to the resident artists as a permanent exhibition space.

In 2005, NUCLEO, Ghent City Council’s Cultural Participation Department and the S.M.A.K. launched the Moscou-Bernadette project together. This neighbourhood project was intended to sound out the possibilities for contemporary visual art in the Ghent neighbourhoods of Moscou and Bernadette. The project developed by means of various actions in the neighbourhoods and encounters with artists.

Are you a visual artist? Complete our survey!

We regularly spotlight an artist (or collective or organisation) by means of an interview. This may be done in connection with an exhibition, or else an article mat arise out of a studio visit.

sun 09.05.2021

Op zondag 9 mei 2021 hadden 160 kunstenaars graag de deur van hun NUCLEO-atelier voor u opengezet. Helaas kon ook deze 14de editie van OPEN ATELIERS niet doorgaan in zijn klassieke vorm. We kozen voor een alternatief programma met online studio visits en de lancering van een boek.

thu 21.03 - sun 21.07.2019

sun 17.05.2020


thu 30.01.2020


fri 15.02.2019


sun 07.10.2018

160 artists – 5 locations – 5 explorers

sun 07.10.2018

various locations in Ghent

sun 30.09.2018

sat 18.08.2018


fri 08.06.2018

Infirmerie & Begga Convent

sun 01.07.2018


sat 15.12 - thu 15.02.2018

mon 25.09 - fri 24.11.2017

sun 22.10 - sun 26.02.2017

Roger Raveelmuseum

sat 21 - sun 22.10.2017

sat 23 - sun 24.09.2017

chappel Machelen-aan-de-Leie

sat 19 - sun 20.08.2017

SOLO chappel Machelen-aan-de-Leie

sat 25.03.2017


sun 02.07.2017

kapel Machelen-aan-de-Leie

sun 23.10.2016

sun 23.10.2016

various locations in Ghent

wed 17.05 - thu 17.08.2017

thu 07.07.2016 - wed 17.05.2017

thu 07.07.2016

Convent Huyshove

fri 01 - sun 17.04.2016

Coupure Rechts 308 - 9000 Ghent

sun 25.10.2015

De Pastorie

mon 11.04 - wed 06.07.2016

mon 18.01 - mon 11.04.2016

fri 02.10 - tue 01.12.2015

fri 26.06 - thu 01.10.2015

sun 14.06.2015

Villa De Wal

thu 11.09.2014


photo: Sara Peeters

fri 10 - sun 12.10.2014

various locations in Ghent

photo: Sara Peeters

mon 15.12.2014 - wed 15.04.2015

photo: Sara Peeters

thu 15.05 - mon 01.09.2014

photo: Jonas Vansteenkiste

sat 20 - sun 21.10.2012

photo: Sara Peeters

sat 09.06.2012


photo: Sara Peeters

tue 26 - wed 27.10.2010


tue 01.01 - tue 31.12.2013

wed 01.01 - wed 30.04.2014

photo: Sara Peeters

sat 16 - sun 17.10.2010

photo: Sara Peeters

sat 14 - sat 21.03.2015

Łaźnia, 2 Centre for Contemporary Art

During the Flanders Week several Ghent based artists and filmmakers present their work in and around Łaźnia 2 Centre for Contemporary Art (Nowy Port, Gdańsk, PL).

sun 09.05.2010

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fri 01.07.2011

Leopoldskazerne Blok E

photo: Sara Peeters

thu 01.01 - thu 31.12.2009

mon 01.07 - tue 31.12.2013

photo: Sara Peeters

sat 25 - sun 26.10.2008

photo: Sara Peeters

thu 24.09.2009 - sun 28.02.2010


sat 18.12.2010

Convent Huyshove

photo: Sara Peeters

fri 01.02 - sun 30.06.2013

photo: Sara Peeters

mon 24 - mon 31.08.2009

Gustaaf Callierschool - Bernadette

photo: Olivier Provost

sun 20.06.2010

sat 13 - sun 14.10.2007

Photo: Emilie Lauwers

mon 15.07.2013

NUCLEO organises a biannual group exhibition with its artists in residence. The last edition of this exhibition contained work of 54 local artists. The next exhibition is scheduled for the end of November 2013.

All participants, including the international resident, are invited to work within an artistic framework.

thu 01.11.2007 - sun 01.11.2009


photo: Bart Lodewijks

mon 02.07 - wed 31.10.2012

photo: Sara Peeters

sun 11.10.2009

Gustaaf Callierschool

thu 30.04.2009

Blok E Leopoldskazerne

sat 06.09.2008

Infirmerie & Begga Convent

sun 08.06.2008

Gustaaf Callierschool

fri 22 - sat 23.09.2006

photo: Emilie Lauwers

thu 29.11 - tue 04.12.2012

Lindenlei 38, Gent

photo: Fabian Hesse

thu 01.03 - sat 30.06.2012

photo: Sara Peeters

photo: Emilie Lauwers

sun 01 - tue 31.03.2009


photo: Olivier Provost

sat 01.10.2011 - wed 29.02.2012

photo: Sara Peeters

mon 05.12.2011 - thu 26.01.2012

Platform3 München

photo: Juan Duque en Sara Peeters

Photo: Els Bracke, Guy Gildemyn en Emilie Lauwers

thu 12.05 - wed 31.08.2011

photo: Sara Peeters

sun 25.05 - sun 26.10.2008

Gustaaf Callierschool - Bernadette

photo: Olivier Provost

mon 24.01 - sat 30.04.2011

photo: Sara Peeters

mon 08.11.2010 - fri 07.01.2011

photo: Sara Peeters

wed 17.02 - thu 30.09.2010

sun 09.09.2007


Free entry/Hotdog 1 euro!

thu 30.07.2009 - fri 15.01.2010

sat 06.12.2008

een samenwerking van NUCLEO en cirQ vzw

tue 14.04 - mon 20.07.2009

photo: Sara Peeters

thu 01.01 - tue 31.03.2009

mon 01.09 - mon 15.12.2008

tue 27.05 - thu 28.08.2008

thu 21.02 - mon 26.05.2008

fri 07.12.2007 - thu 21.02.2008

thu 06.09 - wed 05.12.2007

tue 26.06 - wed 05.09.2007

sun 08.12.2013


sun 15.04 - mon 25.06.2007

thu 07.12.2006 - tue 03.04.2007

sun 01.10 - thu 30.11.2006

thu 22.06 - sun 10.09.2006

sat 01.04 - sun 18.06.2006

sun 01.01 - fri 31.03.2006

thu 28.11 - sun 08.12.2013

thu 15.09 - thu 15.12.2005

fri 01.07 - wed 14.09.2005

thu 05.05 - thu 30.06.2005

tue 01.03.2005 - sat 02.05.2015

thu 01 - sun 11.12.2011

Lindenlei 38

thu 16.12.2004 - mon 28.02.2005

mon 01.11 - mon 13.12.2004

fri 04 - sun 27.12.2009

Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 21

fri 15.11.2013

mon 16.09.2013

fri 24.08.2012

sun 01.07.2012

sun 01.04.2012