JUNCTION with Els Wuyts

sat 04.02.2023

SUPPORT STUDIO — Vynckier, Nieuwevaart 51, 9000 Ghent


SUPPORT STUDIO invites you to have a brunch together with Els Wuyts.
“There is a difference between between and in-between. (…) Between articulates a divided world that is already carved at the joints. It is a bridge, a hinge, a connection, an attraction of opposites, a link in a chain, a double-headed arrow that points at once to this and that. In-between is a movement of generation and dissolution in a world of becoming where things are not given yet.”
- The Life of Lines - Tim Ingold.
Els Wuyts (°1976, Oudenaarde) works as curator for Beaufort 2024, the eight triennial along the Belgian coastline, is connected with HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts) in Brussels and is co-initiator of Salon blanc in her homebase Ostend.

Saturday, the 4th of february at 11 a.m
SUPPORT STUDIO — Vynckier, Nieuwevaart 51, 9000 Gent