OPEN CALL / 2023

SUPPORT STUDIO is looking for art practitioners and art professionals who want to enter into a joint commitment to shape its new program. 


Who are we?

SUPPORT STUDIO is a collaborative project in which emerging artists, writers, curators, etc. come together to develop their own individual practice and build a network. 

SUPPORT STUDIO is an independent experiment born within and supported by NUCLEO, with a yearly budget with which the residents are able to collaborate actively in developing a program of activities like workshops, lectures, screenings etc. 


What do we offer?

  •         a lively and stimulating environment where practical experiences, positive energy, knowledge, and materials are exchanged; 
  •         new connections with other emerging artists and professionals from the arts field;
  •         a common budget for setting up a public program; 
  •         a possible payed studio space for artists who actively participate in the program SUPPORT STUDIO

Who can apply?

  •         recently graduated within the artistic fields (fine arts, curatorial studies, art history, design studies etc.);
  •         living in or recently moved to Ghent and with a strong theoretical or practical artistic development;
  •         looking for more collectivity within their own practice by entering into a joint engagement with other artists.




What do we expect?

SUPPORT STUDIO is a collective project and is built on mutual trust and dependency. In order to provide a positive and productive environment we have formulated a list of intentions to be able to grow, work and progress together.

1)     The main thing that is shared by all the members of SUPPORT STUDIO is a certain need for “SUPPORT STUDIO", which situates itself in building your own practice, network and profession. 

2)     For SUPPORT STUDIO to be successful, we expect members to actively participate. This means being engaged in organising events, actively taking on roles in various engagements such as organising social media, checking emails, communication with invited guests, grocery shopping before the events etc. to broader involvement in the various tasks of the project itself.

3)     SUPPORT STUDIO is a group effort, we can only come to great heights if we work together! Being able to depend on each other is important in order to achieve our goals.

4)     Working together in a collective means that communication is key! That is why it is important to participate in the bi-weekly meetings. To talk, socialise, organise, and express our needs as well as plan and share tasks.

5)     We want to build a creative, positive, respectful and supporting environment where we can all grow together as creative professionals.

6)     For those who share the workspace, it is expected that this physical space is also respected and cared for properly.

7)     The SUPPORT STUDIO may change over time, as the common needs change. When the individual need changes from the communal need, one has to consider what one's role in the SUPPORT STUDIO is and what the role of the SUPPORT STUDIO means for one's practice.



Everything you have read so far interests you and you want to know more, see us face to face or even just have a coffee, a baklava and use our toilet?

Please write a motivation letter to